Let It Go


The perfect part for the last post. Just forget about the strange hand 😀


Hana Wa Sakura Kimi Wa Utsukushi’s Illustration


It had been a long time to me to post again. 🙂

You know, I really like Ikimonogakari’s song ‘Hana wa sakura kimi wa utsukushi’. It had a story in the lyric and I think it would be great to make a illustration from it. So I try to make it.

I make the scene like in front of the Takayama Station (I seached on google, so dont be mad if I made it strange. I’m not go there yet).

What do U think about this?

Another Fairy Tale Fanart

This’s the second that I sent to the competition (the other one already posted). It’s about Erza that held a wedding ceremony. She always look a little “manly”, so this time I want to show her feminine side with the bridal things.

But my favorite one on this is the flower bouquet  than Erza 😀

take with full credit



Fairy Tale Fan Art

A few days ago, i wrote something about fairy tale fan art competition, right?

This’s the scanned version one. Today is the announcement day of the competition. They said they will contac the winner by email or phone. But I’m still dont have any of them. Seems like I dont make it.. :/

Or in the afternoon??


Take with full credit

Alice Nine Supernova Symphonia Sketch (by me)

Actually I dont really like visual kei band, such as Alice Nine. But somedays ago, I’d interested with their picture for Alice Nine Tour 2014 (Supernova Symphonia). They look like manga character there.. 😀

So I make the sketch, but it much different with the original.

Take with full credit

IMG_0005the original picture

1461650_258493734306307_1411306700_nit’s different, right? I think i need much practice..


Sebastian (Feather Mode)

Another sketch with falling-down feathers. This time is Sebastian from Black Butler. Like the first time when Sebastian appears in front of Ciel,n when he turns into demon. There’s always much feathers,right?
*maybe i must draw black feathers like the anime??

Take with full credit


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Vampire Knight’s Night Class Boys


This needs almost 2 years to finish, 🙂
From left : takuma ichijou, hanabusa aido, kaname kuran, akatsuki kain, senri shiki. Sorry if i dont draw it properly
Take with full credit

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