Please, Stay A Little Longer (Female ver)


Full of Love

When I came to visit my grandma (I mean my grandma’s sister in law, I call her grandma too 🙂 ), this thing always happen. She had plenty of foods, like she knows that I hungry when I arrive. 😀 . Her home like large treasure place of food..

Although I made money for myself and could buy dellicious foods on mall, but grandma’s cook still tasted better.

Do u have same opinion like me??



Wedding : Backside Picture

Yesterday I looked to some bridal websites. There’re many cute things, so I make this sketch.

I wanted to make a romantic sketch, at work. But my colleague seem really wonder about things that I do there. And he looked this sketch and added some punctuation there. Now the sketch dont look as a romantic one again 😀

Take with full credit