Hanami in Imperial Palace East Garden Tokyo

This is the last place to enjoy sakura on my last trip. I arrived about 1 pm but it still a lot of people 😯

I didnt know that it hace various kind of flowers. It would be good if they bloom together 😁


Spring Holiday in Japan – Hanami in Hamarikyu Garden

The next place to do hanami in my trip is Hamarikyu Garden. It places near the Tokyo Bay. You can go to Tsukiji Fish Market after this.

I really like this place. Less people came when I was there, so it is more quite & peacefull. I can enjoy the scenery longer with the gentle spring breeze enjoying some snack.. 😊😊😊

I want to go to the teahouse, but it already full 😣


Spring Holiday in Japan – Hanami in Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

Actually last year I wanted to go to Japan. But after some consideration, I decide to go this year. I am joining an open trip, and luckily I met with another solo travelers among family group 😂. For me, it is hard to come a unfamiliar new place without friend, as a girl. So better I make a new friend here.

Since now is spring time, I think it will be more warm here. But Im wrong. I used to live in Jakarta that have warm weather (or hot, around 25 to 30°C). Right now it was 4°C in Tokyo. So cold here, moreover when the wind blows 😨😨😨

In Monday I visited Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden (新宿御苑). Many people came there, almost of them was Japanese. Most of the sakura was blooming. Its so beautifull to see. I wish I could have that one too on my backyard 😭