Hakuryuu Fever


Anybody here are Hakuryuu’s fans? 😀 I watching Magi over and over again on his appearance.
Almost my fav characters anime are not the main protagonist, like this. On his first appearance I thought he was an arrogant and cold-hearted person, but in fact he is fragile like a child. I hope the 3rd season will coming soon. It will be interesting cause Hakuryuu being  an evil, and I look for the trio to make him back like before.

Fansnya Hakuryuu mana suaranya? Udah ga sabar nunggu sesion 3nya ni. Katanya si Hakuryuu jadi jahat, padahal paling suka pas awal-awal kemunculanya 🙂


Makai Oji Devils and Realist : William Twining

Since I dont have any desire to draw, thanks to Aria chan to introduce me a new bishounen anime. Although I dont watch it yet, I try to make a drawing about it. I make William Twining’s one, but seems not like him 😀


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Shingeki no Kyojin Mikasa Ackerman Figure Sketch

After Levi sketch before, for now is Mikasa. The 3D manuver gear was improved, this is better than before. I made it have more detail.
But she looks like a boy than a girl here.
Take with full credit.


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Shingeki no Kyojin Levi Ackerman Figure Sketch

I’m still learn how to draw a battle scene, like in manga. When I see Shingeki no Kyojin again, I think I should have one from them. So, I choose Levi for the first. His cool-hearted looking is suitable for the battle scene, such a crazy soldier. But after all, he’s my fav character on SNK. I took this pose from one of his figure. You can find it when searching for Levi figure LEVI_BY_FERINA If you take more attention on my drawing , you will find something strange… 😀 Take with full credit

Masih belajar bikin battle scene kaya di manga ni. Kali ini yang jadi objek percobaan si Levi di Shingeki no Kyojin. Tampangnya paling cocok buat dibikin pose pose bertarungnya. Buat tokoh lain mungkin menyusul, mungkin. Tapi kemungkinan besar Levi yang porsinya lebih banyak.. 😀

Another Fairy Tale Fanart

This’s the second that I sent to the competition (the other one already posted). It’s about Erza that held a wedding ceremony. She always look a little “manly”, so this time I want to show her feminine side with the bridal things.

But my favorite one on this is the flower bouquet  than Erza 😀

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Fairy Tale Fan Art

A few days ago, i wrote something about fairy tale fan art competition, right?

This’s the scanned version one. Today is the announcement day of the competition. They said they will contac the winner by email or phone. But I’m still dont have any of them. Seems like I dont make it.. :/

Or in the afternoon??


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Edgar Redmond (Black Butler)

Image (5)

Iseng-iseng bingung ngerjain TA ga ada inspirasi,, jadilah sketsanya Edgar Redmond dari komik Black Butler..

n berkat bantuan dari temen yaitu si Mprend 2,,jadi deh gambarnya diposting…
*senyumnya nanggung..