Nendoroid – Maeda Toushirou

Hope it’ll be released soon


Honebami – Namazuo

My favorite swords to play.

You can see that I using mechanical pencil right now, and I used up the pencil leads before finish this and used the different one from my friend. It has different hardness and hmm.. Im not confortable with it. Seems that I must visit the bookstore later 😐



Comifuro 7

Today I go to Comifuro 7 @Smesco. That’s a doujin market for artist who want to sell their art or to make people know them. I go to (almost) all booths there and find some amazing stuff.

Jiji looks gorgeous there… ><

Sorry about the plastic wrap..

This booth was crowded so I cant go near there
And this is one stuff I buy. A Touken Ranbu fanbook ‘Counting Crow’. I really love the fanart. Here some of them (spoiler alert) 🙂