Hana Wa Sakura Kimi Wa Utsukushi’s Illustration


It had been a long time to me to post again. 🙂

You know, I really like Ikimonogakari’s song ‘Hana wa sakura kimi wa utsukushi’. It had a story in the lyric and I think it would be great to make a illustration from it. So I try to make it.

I make the scene like in front of the Takayama Station (I seached on google, so dont be mad if I made it strange. I’m not go there yet).

What do U think about this?


Girl In Yukata


I often sew that japanese always had fireworks festival during summer, they called it hanabi. Another icon of the summer is yukata. Many girls there wore yukata for the hanabi. They looks pretty and cute when wears them. I really want this one.

Take with full credit


Summer Summer


This’s the different temperature on my office. When i’m in, the AC sets in very low temperature that can make people ‘shiver’. But when i get out from office to take a meal,its really hot there. The sun rays feels burn my skin and drain my sweat 😀
Summer summer,why u do this to me?