Nendoroid – Maeda Toushirou

Hope it’ll be released soon


Warrior Girl ( Chibi Adult-Version)

Sometime ago,i got a tutorial about chibi character. Then i got an idea to make the adult version of them. Since my version isnt that good. 🙂

This’s the tutorial free_chibi_sketch_batch_1_by_shrimpheby-d5h69tj.png , i use the 8th

For someone who  made this, thanks a lot free_chibi_sketch_batch_1_by_shrimpheby-d5h69tjimage


Summer Summer


This’s the different temperature on my office. When i’m in, the AC sets in very low temperature that can make people ‘shiver’. But when i get out from office to take a meal,its really hot there. The sun rays feels burn my skin and drain my sweat 😀
Summer summer,why u do this to me?


Fairy Tale Fan Art

A few days ago, i wrote something about fairy tale fan art competition, right?

This’s the scanned version one. Today is the announcement day of the competition. They said they will contac the winner by email or phone. But I’m still dont have any of them. Seems like I dont make it.. :/

Or in the afternoon??


Take with full credit


My Expression In The Middle of The Day, at Work

Sometime, I felt really sleepy during work(and I think my colleague knew this 😀 ). I persume my expression’s like this.

From the left, there’s my senior. He always helping me when troubles comes. 🙂 He really likes his big headphone to listen the music. Seems as call centre personnel, right?

Then, me. Someone who always get sleepy after get the meal. Whatever the meal is.

And my junior at college. He always try to do the job his self. But when something going not well in his coding, he asks me and break my day..


Dont try this at work

This’s the better pic