End-of-Month Expression

Inilah ekspresi senior senior di kantor kalo udah memasuki akhir bulan, apalagi bulan bulan akhir tahun kaya gini..
*Gambar ini hanya ilustrasi belaka. jika ada kesamaan tokoh ya harap maklum ya..

This is my seniors expression in the end of month,especially in last month of the year when much finance report must be finished. I just can see them cause I dont know about the work.


With pencil


I will scan it later


FO Excavation

Since last week, on the way I go to work their is excavation for fiber optic maintenance. They use half of the pedestrian part 😦




Some of the employees always do their make up on office. I think that they go to office in early morning,and not able to do make up. I understand that,but they make a crowd in front of the mirror. I cant fix my do.. ><
Take with full credit



My Expression In The Middle of The Day, at Work

Sometime, I felt really sleepy during work(and I think my colleague knew this 😀 ). I persume my expression’s like this.

From the left, there’s my senior. He always helping me when troubles comes. 🙂 He really likes his big headphone to listen the music. Seems as call centre personnel, right?

Then, me. Someone who always get sleepy after get the meal. Whatever the meal is.

And my junior at college. He always try to do the job his self. But when something going not well in his coding, he asks me and break my day..


Dont try this at work

This’s the better pic