Based on Haku on Spirited Away scene, really love that

When this sketch was finish, on 10.50 am, terorists made their attack on Sarinah, Jakarta. Its not really far from me. From the press conference we know those’re suicide bombing. An indonesian an a foreigner was murdered and few polices(there’re trafic polices) was injured. I felt really panic before, perhaps 1 hour after the first explosion. Scared that they maybe targeting the other area. But then, the polices success to catch them and can calm the situation. They secure us and it make us relief. In fact, about 4 hours after the attack about 100 m from the location,there’s satay seller (it seem like barbeque 🙂 ) that start to sell again. And now the Thamrin street was opened again and become normal again and there’s nothing like panic again.
From me, stop doing that stupid things again! Thanks!

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