Kanzashi in Bloom

Corvus tristis: Science, Craft and an Odd Bird

I’ve made kanzashi before.  I’ve posted kanzashi before.  I’ve even written a full tutorial for making a kanzashi flower out of one type of petal.  But it’s been a while (*cough2007cough*), and when I ran into the indomitable Sister Diane‘s Kanzashi in Bloom at the library, I found myself suddenly inspired to pick up the craft again.

For those unfamiliar with the craft, tsumami kanzashi (I and my spell check always try to spell it “tsunami”) is the Japanese art of making flowers via fabric origami.   It is a beautiful art.  In Kanzashi in Bloom, Sister Diane gives her modern take on kanzashi, starting with three different folded petals and turning those into all sorts of diverse projects and variations on projects.

I, of course, had to give all three petals a try:

The bottom center has nice rounded petals; the rightmost, pointed petals (both sides); the…

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